The company Diter operates in the design and construction as well as undertaking any technical works construction at the area of Thessaloniki and Central Macedonia, as well as in the rest of Greece and the Balkan Region, with a significant number of completed private and public work projects .

Trust - Contact

The most significant aspects towards the successful realization of our goals. The relationship with the customer is essential and fundamental. Listening to the needs and the exchange of opinions and ideas is the essential link in the specialized design and implementation of our projects to a high standard, both aesthetically and qualitatively.


Our professional staff can take over the entire range of operations needed for a project, always acting with consistency, honesty and respect ensuring the implementation of a complete quality work The comparative advantage of the business is concentrated in the reputation of certified services Special Projects Saving Energy and Environmental expertise available. Also, know-how about energy saving and the "intelligent building" and personal relationships with representatives who have appropriate equipment and supplies to support this expertise, give very solid foundations and are the most important criterion for the company to selected your most suitable partner.


In collaboration with customers, taking into account the needs of each project, the schedule is produced, which we believe is a key component to the success of the project. Compliance is our main concern.

Our supplies

Our supplies include – in addition to the modern facilities and premium engineering and computer equipment – the animate executives, consisting of experienced engineers of various specialties, experienced technicians and manpower that the vast majority of been our companion for more than two decades.

All these allow us to get for you the best quality, with modern methods and materials at really low prices.

Reliable Technical works

We offer a broad spectrum of well-rounded services intended specifically for you. Our long term experience ensures the successful fulfillment of your most complicated affairs in Greece, as well as relevant affairs abroad.

– Public Works Contractor’s Degree

– Energy inspector’s certification

– Member of the Association of Greek Contracting Companies

– Energy inspections

– Member of ΜΕΚ

– Member S.A.T.E.

– Free of charge on-the- spot inspection and evaluation

– Fulfillment of relevant affairs

– Special pricing for multiple projects