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Study - construction of urban and country house

Offices, commercial spaces and stores as well as undertaking public works construction in the greater area of Thessaloniki and Central Macedonia, as well as in the rest of Greece and the Balkan Region, with a significant number of completed private and public work projects.

Public Works

Our great experience in the field of construction of thechnical projects allows us to undertake and follow all kinds of public work projects

Private Works

We “lock” both the budget and the delivery dates of any project that we undertake to contruct on your behalf

Energy saving

Learn how to gain access to the latest energy saving technologies

Energy services

Our experienced inspectors can immediately issue an energy performance certificate for your property

Legalization-Arrange Arbitrary

Contact us in order to visit your property, document any possible violations and promtly inform you about submission costs

Renovation works

High quality and best price solutions and ideas for your property

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We are always glad to discuss your ideas and answer your questions;
How can we help you with your intended project

Trust - Contact

The most significant aspects towards the successful realization of our goals.


Our professional staff can take over the entire range of operations needed for a project, always acting with consistency, honesty and respect ensuring the implementation of a complete quality work


We determine the schedule bearing in mind the specific needs of every project and in cooperation with our clients.